Simple and easy to use
Simple inventory and accounting software that’s basic, simple and easy to use. This software is a pleasure to operate which is perfect for the small & big traders, and multiple offices business owner.
User friendly interface
LogicalBMS customizable user-friendly interface. Common and intuitive interface elements provide maximum ease of use. User does not require retraining to start using LogicalBMS
Add your business logo
Just add your company color logo in LogicalBMS then print each and every report from of the header, making professional your all report by using LogicalBMS
Access anywhere, anytime
LogicalBMS is fully SaaS based software just hosted your server or other any where and access any where any time throw browser and single click URL, LogicalBMS not required any installation or configuration just click and use your office application any where any time around the world. Access your innventory details, getting information of your account department, management access MIS information via dashboard any time and any where, just single click and feel LogicalBMS magic